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Our team


Cristian Naca Founder

With a background in public catering engineering and a strong interest in nutrition, Cristian started Fit Food Way to offer a healthy and tasty alternative to the traditional fast-food scene.

He’s dedicated to promoting healthy eating for a balanced lifestyle, and works diligently to ensure that our menus are a balance of delicious and nutritious options to help customers meet their health and fitness goals.

Our dishes aim to provide all the nutritional and calorific value a consumer needs for a better, happier lifestyle.

Andrea Ionita Nutrition-Dietetics Specialist

Valeria plays an invaluable role in the development of our varying dietary menu options. With a deep understanding of nutrition, diet, and their effects on health, she steers our customers towards healthier food choices resulting in a well-balanced lifestyle.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, and a Master's degree in Nutrition and Quality of Life from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.