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Our Story

Who we are

Fit Food Way began its journey in 2018 from a small kitchen, where passion for healthy and delicious meals transformed humble beginnings into a thriving business.. Since then, it has rapidly evolved into a highly respected ready meal prep brand, now operating in over 30 cities in central Eastern Europe. Founded by Cristian Naca, a passionate chef and entrepreneur with expertise in nutrition, food engineering, and fitness fanaticism, the mission was clear: to empower individuals to achieve their health, fitness, and dietary goals, facilitating transformative changes in their bodies and lifestyles while saving time and promoting happier, healthier lives. Over the years, Fit Food Way has expanded its operations, meticulously preparing, cooking, and delivering thousands of fresh, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meals directly to individuals with varying dietary needs, offering ready-to-eat, restaurant-quality dishes.

We invite you to join us on this journey and become part of our story.